Government Relations

Delivering your message to government.

Government relations deals with the interwoven and complex series of interconnections relating to programs, government budgetary priorities, and policies.

Our team of professionals have years of experience both inside and outside of government and are actively engaged at all levels, where they assist in the development of public policy from the local level to the federal.



Delivering your message to government can be challenging. Understanding the power structures and interrelationships between elected officials, staff and bureaucrats can be a daunting task. Aurora has assembled a team that knows how to navigate the corridors of power to get your message in front of the right people. From researching and developing your message to targeting and engaging your audience, Aurora will work with you every step of the way.

Stakeholder Engagement

In today’s world of instant communications, developing relationships with those who have a stake either in your organization or in a specific issue and keeping in close communication with these potential allies makes all the difference in both the short and long - term. Public affairs campaigns are always strengthened by consistent key messages from all of those who might speak up on your topic. The Aurora team has the experience to assist your organization identify and build relationships with potential stakeholder allies.

Grassroots Advocacy

Building support for your position benefits from strong grassroots support. Aurora has worked on developing successful campaigns that have helped move public opinion. Using a range of tools, clients are able to gain supporters for their issue through the use of software, advertising and mobilization efforts.


Advocacy Advertising

By using advocacy advertising you can help frame the debate, gain public support and motivate your advocates and allies. With a strong background in traditional advertising, Aurora Strategy Global and its staff develop ads and supporting media for television, print and internet.

Social Media

Let us help you connect with a targeted demographic. Social Media is about developing community around your organization and engaging in meaningful conversation with influencers allowing them to collaborate with you, advancing your message.

Crisis Management / Communications

Understanding how and what to say can be the crucial difference between containing and inflaming a sensitive situation. Working with your team Aurora will develop a proactive program that gives you the confidence to respond fast to changing situations. We work with specialists to provide you with the depth, knowledge and experience you need at your most challenging time.

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    Manage the Conversation

    Don’t wait until the last minute to shape the public policy discussion

    By using advocacy advertising you can help frame the debate, gain public support and motivate your advocates and allies. Aurora Strategy Group will work with you to shape your short and long term strategy, develop ads and supporting media for television, print and internet so that you’re driving the conversation.